Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area

Product Number: TWY0210009TW
Days: 1 Day(s)
Join Parkbus Taiwan for an amazing day out in Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area, a stunning natural area about 2.5 hours south of Taipei in Yilan County.

There is no direct public transportation available from Taipei to Taipingshan National Forest. This is a difficult destination to get to without your own car. Parkbus Taiwan will offer direct, reservable and same-day return bus service from Taipei. 

There are several trails within Taipingshan National Forest and they vary in length and difficulty. From the Taipinshan Villa, guests can hike along the famous Jiancing Historic Trail (2.5km return) with old remnants of forest train tracks and trestle bridges. This trail is flat and easy, but can get busy later in the day. Another trail accessible from the Taipingshan Villa is the Taiwan Hemlock Tree Trail (2km one-way). This out and back trail gently climbs the mountain side in a beautiful temperate rainforest. One of the main attractions in Taipingshan National Forest is the famous and iconic Bong Bong Train. Originally used to transport timber throughout the region, this heritage train now offers visitors a unique perspective of a bygone-era! Perched along a mountain’s edge, whether sunny or foggy, this train is a fantastic experience for all. It also opens up another 2km or so of trails on the far side of the train ride.

Being part of the National Forest system, many sections of the trails in Taipingshan National Forest are well-maintained and are suitable for all types of hikers from beginner to novice and advanced, depending on how far (and where) one wishes to hike. The trails vary in length, difficulty and accessibility providing visitors of all skill levels something to explore.
  • Transportation-only service with drop-off at park visitor center
  • At the destination, participants can hike together or by themselves
  • Multiple beginner, intermediate & advanced hiking trails
  • Fantastic Visitor Centre & Cafe 
  • Secluded picnic areas
  • Small shop selling drinks, snacks and food
  • Good portion of trails are shaded
  • Plenty of wildlife including endemic birds & butterflies, Formosan Rock Macaques, multiple species of squirrels, weasels, civets and more!
Daily Itinerary
Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area

Event Schedule 當日行程

• 6:20 – BUS PICKUP: Taipei Main Station(在台北車站集合並搭上 Parkbus)
• 10:40 – BUS DROP OFF: Taipingshan Villa(抵達太平山莊)
• 10:40 to 15:45 – Free time to explore trails, visitor centre, cafe, Bong Bong Train, etc.(自由活動)
• 15:45 – BUS DEPARTURE: Taipingshan Villa(從太平山莊出發返回)
• 18:30 – ESTIMATED RETURN: Taipei Main Station(預計抵達台北車站)

Cost Description
Price Includes
  • Reservable ticket
  • Return bus service
  • Passenger insurance on bus
  • Travel insurance
Price Excludes
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Admission fee
  • Food or drinks
  • Additional stops


  • Water, lunch, snacks, personal items (eg bug repellant, camera, money, etc). Come prepared with everything you'll need for the day
  • Comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots
  • Weather-appropriate clothing. Check forecast closer to trip date



  • You alone are responsible for your safety in the parks and forest recreation areas we visit. Many dangers exist, natural and man-made.
  • You alone are responsible for being at pickup/drop-off areas on time. If you miss the return bus, you may become stranded in an area with no cellphone reception and will be responsible for arranging alternative transportation.


**COVID19 (before embarking)**

  • Temperature check with infrared forehead thermometer
  • 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Spray
  • Face masks required




***Taiwan XO tours has the right to cancel the trip if we are unable to receive 6 final passengers for a second van. If the trip is canceled, passengers will get a full refund and will get a full refund or can transfer payment to a future trip. Guests will be required to pay the difference if the pricing of an alternate trip is more expensive. If the alternate trip is less expensive, we will transfer the difference back to the passenger's account.***