Explore Daxueshan National Forest

Product Number: TWY0210014TW
Days: 1 Day(s)

Event Schedule 當日行程

08:00 – Taichung High Speed Train Station(在台中高鐵站集合並搭上 Parkbus)
• 10:20 - Arrive: Daxueshan National Forest(抵達大雪山國家森林遊樂區)
• 10:30 - Drop-off 1: 5hr hike Xiaoxueshan Trail to Visitor Centre - 小雪山徒步至遊客中心) (5小時)
--> Suitable experienced hikers only - 僅適合有經驗的遠足者
• 10:45 - Drop-off #2: Visitor Centre to explore Forest Trail, Sky Pond, Sacred Tree & Yakou Lookout (探索森林步道、天池、雪山神木步道和遊客中心)
--> Suitable for Beginner / Intermediate Hikers - 適合初學者或中級遠足者
• 16:00 - Bus Departure(集合並搭上 Parkbus 返回台北市)
• 18:20 - Estimated Return: Taichung High Speed Train Station(預計抵達台中高鐵站)

Daily Itinerary
Explore Daxueshan National Forest with Direct Transportation from Taipei
Cost Description
Price Includes
  • Reservable ticket
  • Return bus service
  • Travel Agency Liability Insurance
  • Guiding services
Price Excludes
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Admission fee
  • Food or drinks
  • Additional stops


  • Water, lunch, snacks, personal items (e.g. bug repellant, camera, money, etc). Come prepared with everything you'll need for the day
  • Comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots
  • Weather-appropriate clothing. Check forecast closer to trip date



  • You alone are responsible for your safety in the parks and forest recreation areas we visit. Many dangers exist, natural and man-made.
  • You alone are responsible for being at pickup/drop-off areas on time. If you miss the return bus, you may become stranded in an area with no cellphone reception and will be responsible for arranging alternative transportation.


**COVID19 (before embarking)**

  • Temperature check with infrared forehead thermometer
  • 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Spray
  • Face masks required




***Taiwan XO tours has the right to cancel the trip if the number of passengers doesn’t enough. If trip is cancelled, passengers will get full refund and will get full refund or can transfer payment to a future trip. Guests will be required to pay the difference if pricing of alternate trip is more expense. If the alternate trip is less expensive, we will transfer the difference back to the passengers account.***